Thursday, November 16, 2006

Grey Days

You know those days that are grey and dim, when the clouds are so heavy the sky seems to open with the force of all of Nature behind it? I actually like those days. Well, maybe not the part where I tend to look like a drowned rat after being in a torrential downpour, but I love the way a day like that looks. We had one of those days today and it was wonderful.

I like to sit in my living room and listen to the rain hit the roof and our pond outside. As the storm raced through our area trees bent, leaves swirled, thunder crashed and lightening lit up the skies. Then the cold front passed and the clouds were swept from the sky leaving blues, yellows and reds in its wake. Truly beautiful.

I am not sure why I like grey days so much. Maybe it is because the colors seem so much brighter when the sun is muted or because the rain sounds like music when it hits our roof. Whatever the reason, I always feel a certain joy on days like today, especially when I am watching the storm from our windows rather than out in the rain. Who wouldn't?

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