Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Starting Off

Do-overs are not just for sports or games. People all over the world get do-overs on a daily basis. Some folks may recognize these opportunities to reinvent themselves, but others might not and may allow the chance to become a new person to pass them by.

Now, I don't mean to say that reinventing yourself is as easy as recognizing the opportunity, but that is the first step. Some people call this the silver lining in a dark cloud, others may say that it is a fork in the road. Do-overs do not always come at bad times, they may come when everything is in place and all is good with the world. The question is, when do you know it is time for a do over?

Take me for example. I am 36, almost 37, newly married and a new mother. Things are really good in those respects. Here is where I am facing a do-over - I am not allowed to go back to work in my office for health reasons. This could be a short term issue or a much longer term situation. There are two ways that I look at this. The first - fibromyalgia just blows. The fact that I am in so much pain that NOTHING seems to help 100% of the time is horrible. I am concerned about not being able to chase after my son when he starts to walk or that there may be a day when I cannot hold him because he will be too heavy for me.

There are days when I am not too upset that I am not allowed to return to work, and there are days when I regret that the choice is not being left up to me. However, no matter what I am feeling on a particular day I am sure of one thing. This is another chance for me to explore new opportunities that I might not have looked at seriously before.

I get to have another do-over.

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