Friday, December 8, 2006

A new twist

There is something to be said about choice. When you have a choice you sometimes don't know what to do and end up in a long, drawn out decision process. However, when you don't have a choice you sometimes rue the decision that was foisted upon you. That's when you hear platitudes like "Whenever one door closes another will open." or "Every cloud has a silver lining." All adages meant to bring comfort to you for having the rug pulled out from under the life you had planned.

Most of the changes I have made in the past were the result of decisions being made for me. For the first 13 years of my life that had to do with moving to various locations with my family. But in my adult life, the changes that have concerned me most have to do with work and career.

Over the course of the past decade, I spent a lot of time working for Internet companies. As most people who are familiar with that industry know, there was a huge (more than slightly inflated) upswing followed by an even larger downswing in almost every company that worked in, on or around the internet. Unfortunately, that meant that more than a few people went down with the various ships. I was one. To be honest, I was one probably about 4 or 5 times. So, I learned more than once how to pick myself up off my backside and start over- do a do-over as I like to call them now.

I went from working at MTV to working at the Ritz Carlton in Tyson's Corner, VA to working for America Online to trying out being a high school teacher (didn't work very well) to going back to MCI to going back to Hollywood - this time Warner Bros. Online. That was in the space of literally three years - 1994 until 1997. It was a fun three years, I got the opportunity to try the travel service industry, the Internet industry, the telecommunications industry, education and decided to go back to my two loves - Entertainment and the Internet.

Regardless of how much I enjoy those two industries, I still found myself on the other side of a door from time to time. I am currently in the situation to a degree. It is one thing for a business to say "I am sorry, we no longer have need of your particular skillset." It is another when your doctor says - "You are too sick to return to work." So, I find myself in the same situation again, kind of.

The kind of is because I am not supposed to be looking for work while I am not working this time. Instead, I am supposed to be taking it easy and trying to heal. Its not that I wouldn't have chosen this path for myself - I always said I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. Its that I wasn't allowed to make the choice myself. I think that is the hardest thing about do-overs, for the most part, not being the instigater in the actual change.

I truly am enjoying being home with my son and husband. I do not miss working very much at all. I know I have to continue to work so we can receive health benefits - and the extra salary would be good for us to have. But this is my chance to change my path again. So, what is it going to be this week? Perhaps its writing full time, or maybe opening a retail store either online or in my local area. Maybe it has something to do with my photography - or maybe it is all three. Which ever path I take, I can say one thing with assurdity - I won't get frustrated with the opportunity for another do-over, just maybe with what drove me to it the first time. In the meanwhile, I will write this blog, look into writing opportunities and continue working on the store concept. Should be a great deal of fun. Here's hoping that it lives up to its potential.

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