Sunday, December 3, 2006

Time of Peace

I love December, and not just because I was born in this month. There is something that happens in December to almost everyone in the world. A feeling of peace descends upon us. It starts in the beginning of the month with just one or two people and grows until there is no mistaking the feeling at the end of the month.

I remember this feeling as soon as we start to decorate the house for the holidays. First, the lights on our outdoor balcolny. We usually stick to white lights both inside and out - I like the simplicity of the color. Then we put some lights around the windows in the kitchen. Last but not least, we get out our 14' tall tree that already has the lights strung. Yes, 14' may seem like an indulgence, but honestly I love Christmas and we have tall ceilings so why not? Today, the lights and tree made it up, the holiday cards are addressed and everything is finding its place.

My husband worked incredibly hard getting the lights in place. It looks amazing! It is also tiring. When I looked over at one point, I saw my husband sitting up asleep with the baby curled up next to him, bottle almost falling out of his formula covered mouth, for the same purpose. It was an incredibly peaceful pose. Made me wish I had my camera...made me wish my house was cleaner!

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