Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Descent into fandom...

I admit it, I am a fan.

This sentance is a hard one for me to say. It is one that has so rarely been said by me that it is actually shocking to see it in print. Its not that being a fan is a bad thing, at least within reason, its just that with over twenty years of working with various bands, actors and other entertainment folks in one capacity or another saying that I like one group over any other is very strange. Mostly, I have said that I like a variety of groups or that I like an actor's work - but a fan? I haven't said that since I was in high school!

But this group is special and it has been fantastic to see them grow both musically and as people. The group in question is Carbon Leaf, an adult aternative (God, I hate this term) band out of Richmond, VA and I have known some of them since before there was a Carbon Leaf. I have known Barry and Terry since their freshman year at Randolph-Macon College. I knew Barry better, he joined Drama Guild either my junior or senior year (its been a lot of years) and quickly showed his talent. So I was surprised to walk into an independant music store (remember those) in Georgetown and hear a voice I recognized about ten years later - that is how I found out that Carbon Leaf was more than just a college thing for the guys.

I could go on with stories of "before they were Carbon Leaf," but that isn't the point. They are Carbon Leaf, they are an amazing band and a lot of fun to watch. Barry's poetry is great, their music has great depth and, most importantly, they make my 6 month old son dance and giggle. So check them out. You can find them at www.carbonleaf.com, on XM, on Sirrius, on your local radio station or in a college type town near you soon.

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