Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"You say that now..."

While I was pregnant, I spoke often with a very good friend of mine in Washington state. She is my age, a mother and we have known each other for over 20 years. She was a lifeline for me, giving me information I could not gather on my own because of my forced rest. For months she would laugh and say "You say that now." to all the pronouncements I made about how our house would be run once the baby was born. She knew the one thing that I didn't - all bets are off when the baby comes into the house.

I am not saying that we don't have rules, or rather guidelines, by which we live. We do. However, as my friend so laughingly insisted while I was trying to control the situation I was in, there are times when the guidelines need to be thrown out the window and replaced with common sense. Tonight is a prime example.

Sammy has been sleeping in his crib for about two months now. At first, we tried to have him in his crib from the start. That did not work really well. It was too big, he was too small and he wouldn't sleep unless one of us held him all night. After about 5 weeks of no sleep and not seeing each other, we decided to throw the no co-sleeping rule out the window and he slept through the night almost every night he was with us. Two months ago, we decided to try to move him to the crib and it worked. Since then, he has slept every night in his crib and slept all the way through the night. Tonight however, was an exception.

For unknown reasons, except maybe teething, Sammy just wouldn't stay asleep tonight. He was incredibly upset each time we tried to put him in the crib, crying for more than the suggested 5 minutes. By now we know our son, this was not a hiccup in his sleep, he was truly upset and would cry for more than an hour if we left him alone. So, tonight we again put our rules away and brought him back to sleep with us. He is snoring peacefully beside me now and is much more peaceful than earlier this evening.

So, to my friend who always said "You say that now," you were right. Saying and doing - not the same thing at all.

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