Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back in the saddle

Well, almost. I had a business meeting today - a real live business meeting for a possible project that I hope to be able to create. Its an online project, and it has been about 6 years since I worked online for a living. Amazingly, not much has changed in that world. Sure - technology has changed a bit and there are new styles of online site, but there are still some technologies that have the same issues they did 6 years ago. This issue in particular is not a fun, sexy, wow-factor issue. Its a design issue that probably wouldn't bother most people, but it messes with the concept that I am working on.

But that might not matter. It is possible that because of that little glitch, I might be able to do the whole site for a lot less by throwing that technology by the wayside for now and working with a more manual approach. I am sure that most of what I am saying is flying overhead somewhere. I hear the song "White and Nerdy" playing in my head right now, yeah, yeah - I am a geek.

The upshot of all of this mumbo-jumbo is that I might get to try something completely new. I might get to own my own business - one that I created out of nothing and I get to try to turn it into something. No, its not writing or photography but it includes both. The concept is for an online scrapbooking store - one that has a community (something I used to create online all the time), I can run from home, and is beautiful to look at. The meeting today took me one step closer to getting to start this.

My next do-over might be around the corner.

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