Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Guardian Angels

You know, the more I think about it, the more I believe that my sister and I have guardian angels - maybe even the same one. For some reason this particular guardian angel doesn't keep bad stuff from happening - just makes it happen in the best possible way.

In 1994 I was in a major car accident. My car spun out of control on a slippery road and ended up crossing two lanes of traffic and ending up in a tree. When I took my hands off the wheel and feet off the pedals I was positioned for a head-on collision. Here's the thing, the car spun 90 degrees and I hit the tree on the passenger side of the car. The tree was so close, I didn't have to stretch my arm out to touch it. It was a miriacle. More miracles - 10 witnesses stopped, nine called 911 one called my mother. One of the witnesses was an off-duty police officer, one was an orthopedic surgeon, one was an OR nurse and one was an ER Trauma nurse. Four hours later, I walked out of the ER with soft tissue damage only.

This weekend, my sister was riding her bike to the geology lab at the University of New Mexico with her boyfriend. They were crossing a busy street with the light when a man in a pickup truck ran the red and hit her. The truck never ran over her, the wheels were less than an inch from her leg when he managed to stop the truck. Her bike helmet was intact so there were no head injuries. An off-duty paramedic was across the street, witnessed the accident and was able to stabalize her in minutes. To top it off - she was only blocks from the only trauma center in the state. She was severly injured - they had to do extensive surgery and she will be recovering for a good while - but she is essentially doing well.

We have a guardian angel up there and maybe he or she takes their eyes off the game for a second here and there, they are doing a good job keeping us alive in the long run.

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