Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Good news...bad news...good news, I think?

Have you ever felt that your life was a succession of good news and bad news, only not necessarily in that order. Well, I am not sure what I did to make the karma gods mad, but I seem to be on that loop recently. The most recent medical test shows that I have a genetic mutation that makes clotting WAY too easy thus leading to potential blood clots in the legs much like the ones that V.P. Cheney was diagnosed with this week. So here is the breakdown:

Bad news - I have the genetic mutation
Good news - I only have one defective gene so I only have a 3-8 fold higher chance ot getting a clot vs. someone without the factor.
Bad news - I have to go on coumidin for a few months.
Good news - I will most likely only have to take it for a few months and not the rest of my life.
Bad news - coumidin does not take care of existing clots.
Good news - it will keep other clots from forming while we are waiting for the clots in my arms to go down and reabsorb.

I look at it this way, things have to get better. The lost Christmas Presenet showed up on Friday after a really crappy day just brightening everything, making me look forward to a new year. There is no way this year can get any worse, I just won't allow it.

Therefore, the year has started over, March is the new beginning. We'll start with good news - it's not as bad as it could be.

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