Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First Fever - Another Sleepless Night

We are blessed. We have a son who is happy most of the time, healthy, very curious and full of joy. With that in mind, it was a little strange to me that he would cry as hard as he did whenever one of us would put him down. When I picked him up, I realized why - he was roasting hot.

Now, we don't run our air a great deal in the spring so the heat in our house could have raised his external tempurature a bit, right? But when his head, his torso and his legs felt warm on top of the clinginess, I figured it would be a good idea just to know what his tempurature was. Guess my surprise when it was over 103. Hmmmm...time for a doctor visit!

Sammy was wonderful, except for the part where he hates to be on his back. Other than that, he sat through everything they did trying to find out what was wrong. Final diagnosis - unknown infection, let him sweat out the fever making him as comfortable as possible with cool cloths and Tylenol. As of right now, 3 am, it seems to be woking. He is much cooler than he was earlier today and it even seems like he broke a sweat. So - that's all good news.

The thing is - why is it that even with the fever going on I am the one who is awake at 3 in the morning when both my husband and son are snoring away? Don't say nerves or stress...I have a lovely pill to take care of those things. I just wish I could stay asleep once I get there. Unfortunately, for the past few weeks an extreme pain in my hip has made that almost impossible. Well, we are workig on it, right? That is a part of why I am staying home.

But at least Sammy's getting better, right? That's the most important thing.

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