Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Getting the Nerve - Do-Over update

OK, its true, I have been procrastinating on my do-over. The thing is I have a 9 1/2 month old, a house, a husband and a lot of pain so I think I can let at least one thing slide, right? Today I decided to at least take a step towards my do-over.

I have known my whole life that I am a writer. Even before I could hold a pencil or knew my A-B-Cs, I was creating stories and worlds, acting them out with my imaginiary friend Boy. When I was a little older people would ask me what I wanted to be and I would answer "A scientist! An astronaut! A dancer! An actress!", but whenever anyone asked me what I was I would always say "I'm a writer." I have never had to become a writer - you can't become what you already are, you can only improve. So that's the do-over this time - figure out a way to be a writer and actually get paid for the privilege.

So, what am I doing about it you ask? Well, this blog is one thing. I see this blog as a column that I need to try to update at least once a week as though I were on a deadline for a newspaper or magazine. I want to become so comfortable with writing a column that I can confidently look for work as a columnist.

This isn't the only thing I am doing, however. For years I have written stories, poems, starts of novels, TV scripts, movie scripts, pretty much anything and everything. So I write them, so what. Have any of you seen them? No...I barely let them out of the drawer to show my husband let alone anyone else. That does not predispose one's self towards being a paid writer though. So, here we go.

Today I wrote a letter to requesting a HARPO Hook Up. What do I have to lose? If I'm right, I will be one of the people she picks for a hook up this year. If I do this correctly, this is the first step towards a great number of steps, including rejection letters, that will take me to my first official paycheck as a writer.

OK - enough already. What's the show you ask? No problem, I'll give you the elevator speech - the show is about a young couple who find out they have just inherited a hotel that has never been slept in and is in a small, mostly white, town (one of the leads is not white). The catch, they have to make a go of it and make it successful in a year of the hotel goes to the dogs. Do I have your interest yet? Well I hope so, and I hope that someone who reads this blog has connections in the paid writing world. I'd love to take my do-over to the next steps and I believe the advertisers would love a show like this for the elusive mid-20's to mid-40's advertising range. (Ya, you can tell I was in the industry for a bit. If anyone knows Oprah in person, a nudge towards my Hook-Up pleae would be apprciated.

The other good thing about this is that it is a step, a first step. It means I am willing to share the documents with someone other than a trusted friend. Who knows what the world will bring. Maybe a collection of shortstories about the many invisible in this country or a novel about a Script Producer by day and sleuth at night. All of these are rattling in my head. I don't want to innundate you guys, but if anyone would like to read any iof it, let me know.


Louisa said...

I wrote a novel in November for National Novel Writing Month. ScriptFrenzy is an offshoot, and I bet you'll love it. Plan for a fun June!

Oh, and I'm excited for you and the Hook Up attempt. You had to try!

liadona said...

Thanks! I will look into that. Sounds like fun. :-)