Sunday, May 20, 2007

Through the Trees

Through the Trees
Through the Trees,
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There are times when I think I am an artist. Like, for example, when I took this picture. I have always known I have an eye, but if there is a question about technology or training I lose. I just point and shoot.

This past weekend, I was put to shame by two incredible photographers/photography groups at the Greater Reston Arts Festival. The GRACE Festival raises money every year for the Greater Reston Arts Council in order to fund its gallery and programs that they hold throughout the year. These two photographers were just amazing and the funny thing is neither one is using digital cameras. Both had a Pentax, medium format camera using slide film. Very interesting seeing how the industry is headed.

So, it is at these times when I see photos like the ones at David Bazzel Landscapes and these Windows on the World that I tuck the ego down and go hide because people are SO much better than I am,

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