Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wishing Days

Aren't there days when you just wish you could be a kid again? I am having one of those days right now. I have a sore throat, I just discovered a leak in our master bedroom and I still have to figure out what course of action I am going to take with my employer. I would much rather do what my son is doing - curl up and have a nap.

The thing about being a mom is that you get to relive what it is like to be a child, but you still have to be the grown up. Sometimes its confusing - trying to remember which hat you are wearing at any given time can be a bit difficult, especially with "Mommy Brain".

The thing is, we parents have to remember that we are individuals outside of our children. Right now, most moms I know are having a difficult time separating themselves from their children and their children's lives. Believe me - I understand. I am with my son all day and he doesn't talk just yet so I am constantly having a one-sided conversation. He does understand, but I think he is learning to ignore a lot faster than most children. I have to keep reminding myself that I am more than just diaper changes, bottles and nap monitor. Sometimes I wonder if I had gone back to work if I would feel differently.

For those moms and dads out there who read this blog, I have a question for you. For those of you who stay at home - do you have a difficult time reminding yourself who you are? Those of you who work - are you able to make the switch from grown up world to family world easily or is it difficult?

Both scenarios - stay at home or work - have their difficulties. One benefit of staying home is that I get to make sure my son is well taken care of in the manner in which I would prefer. But as I see it, a benefit of going back to work would be to engage my adult brain at least part of each day. I don't know which would make me a better parent - I think both groups have the same number of pros and cons.

Any way you look at it, there is a lot of wishing involved. For me right now, I wish I could curl up and go to sleep next to my little guy, but I have too much that has to be done.

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Louisa said...

Give yourself a break and take a nap with your baby! I always think more clearly about those big questions when I've had enough sleep.

Glad you got a vacation! -- Louisa