Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New URL, new fiction

Hi, all!

I have a wonderful husband. I have said it before and I will keep saying it again and again. He gave me a great gift for our anniversary this year. He gave me two URLs. Yes, it is a geeky gift but then again we are geeks.

The URLs are http://www.liadona.com and http://www.scrapbooksandbox.com. Both are currently linking to this blog, but scrapbooksandbox will move sometime in the next couple of years. So you no longer need to remember a long, drawn out URL - you can go directly to this page by using my online name.

Now for the fun part. I started a new blog dedicated to my fiction, and when I run out of that - short fiction by other writers who want a new place to be seen. The site is called "Through My Eyes" and can be found either at http://liadonaseyes.blogspot.com or on the side of this blog. I have been having fun - I have actually gotten over 31 hits from all over the world so far. The first story is called "Mouse" and is about a runaway teenager and her social worker. The full story is about 15 pages long, but I am splitting it into about 4 posts. Three of them are currently up. The first 2 are in the archives and the third is on the front page. Please let me know what you think!

Other than this news, we are on vacation this week so there probably won't be much more coming your way for a little bit.

I hope everyone enjoys their week!


j.k.a said...

Oh! I'm SO glad you've put some of your fiction up...I can't wait to read them!

How are things going? I need to get on WoW one of these nights so we can get all caught up :)

j.k.a said...

Oh! I'm SO glad you're putting your fiction online...I can't wait to read the ones I haven't seen yet!

How are you??? We're finally settling down after this crazy move...lots of stress, but it's good stress I guess...lol!

I need to get on WOW one of these nights to get all caught up..it's been forever!

Hope things are well with your health, and talk to you soon!