Sunday, August 26, 2007

Catch the fallen Stardust

Maybe it was because we hadn't been out on a date in months or maybe it was because this has been a particularly difficult few weeks. Whatever the reason, "Stardust" seemed to answer all those questions you never knew you had.

Yes, it is a new telling on the coming of age story. Yes, it is so packed with film stars from both sides of the ocean. Yes, after Harry Potter the fantasy movie bar has been set so incredibly high. And yes, the original novel was written by Neil Gaiman - gothic punk fantasy God in so many ways. All of those reasons help answer the "Why did we like it so much?" question.

Here's what I say - it just FELT good. I walked into the movie theater tonight understanding that I was giving up concert tickets because I had been in incredible amounts of pain for the entire weekend. I was achy, tired from lack of sleep and feeling distant from the entire human race let alone my family. I walked out of the theater feeling like I was on a cloud.

There are so many levels to look at and analyze. There are so many lessons to take from the story. But above all, there is a story and it is one that reminds me of all the reasons I wanted to work in that industry and why part of me still does.

So, go see it. Enjoy it. Come away touched by the stars.

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j.k.a said...

Oooo.....that sound like something we need to see. :) I could use some cloud walking right now...hehe.