Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Bestest Blogs

I have a friend up in Canada who has the best sense of life. Seriously. Because of her I have found several incredibly interesting blogs from arts to music to humor. Today she sent me to humor.

It seems that there is this woman out there who goes by Dooce. (Dooce, if you ever read this - rock on.) While she is somewhat younger than me (yikes) it seems that we have had several similar experiences in life. OK, the parts where she is Mormon, lives in Utah, owns a dog and had her baby girl two years before I had my baby boy - not so much. The parts where she is a refugee from LA, worked in the internet industry, has had bouts of unemployment and considers raising her daughter to be her job - that's more like it. I have just spent the past two hours reading her posts from the past six years and laughing my tail off softly while keeping my other eye on my sleeping son to make sure he doesn't fall off the bed. (OK - so I try to keep it PG and Dooce is more the PG 13 sort.)

Now the most ironic thing is that I never would have met my friend if either one of us hadn't been so sick. Well, maybe I would have met her but we probably wouldn't have talked as much as we did. You see, we haven't really met in the traditional sense as in seeing each other in person. We've become friends through the internet - that wild and wacky medium I worked in - by chatting via instant message about our various and sundry, sometimes horrific, symptoms. If it hadn't been for our husbands' obsession (which we sometimes share) for World of Warcraft we probably never would have met and I never would have found such a funny interesting person who knows where the best blogs hide.

The good news - my friend is starting to work again which means she is feeling a thousand times better. The not-so-good news - I have been told yet one more time that I won't be able to go back to work until my son is 2 or 3 years old at the earliest unless I find something I can do at home.

Hmmm - can I read blogs for a living?

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