Sunday, September 30, 2007


It is my curse that I can never take a nap. Or rather - should never take a nap. You see, when I take a nap I don't sleep that night. Not one wink. Which, of course, would explain why I am sitting in the living room at midnight while my husband and son snore away in the downstairs bedrooms.

Believe me, this is not insomnia in the normal sense. Specifically - I am not worried about anything, I am not stressing over anything, I have had no caffeine today, and I am not running things over and over and over in my head - unless of course "I can't sleep" qualifies. No, this is my body deciding it had its sleep in the hour and a half nap I accidentally had this afternoon. Not even the sleeping pill is knocking me out - and I thought it was just a few minutes ago. It just wasn't to be.

One day this damn chronic disease will be figured out and all its little quirks - like not being able to take a nap like normal people, will be figured out. In the meanwhile, I can just hope that I fall asleep in front of my computer and that I don't drool too much when I do.

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