Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Go Green...

I was supposed to write this yesterday but got side tracked by too much going on, sorry! Here is my blog for the environment.

When I was younger, about 9 years old, we moved to the most beautiful place on the planet. Well, at least I thought so. We were in the middle of mountains, surrounded on every side by another towering giant. We were in Garmisch-Partinkirken Germany.

Garmisch is a beautiful town. The Winter Olympics where held in this town twice and the antique Olympic gear is still there. I learned to ski on Olympic slopes and to skate on Olympic ice. Every where you looked, there was beauty and nature.

From the window in my parents' bedroom, you could see the Zugspitz - the tallest mountain in Germany. The Zugspitz also has the distinction of being home to the only glacier I have ever seen in person.

The glacier I remember was huge. It was a sheet of ice that covered the mountain from one side to the other and stood practically vertical. We walked on the ice. We watched people ski down the ice. I drank water that melted from that ice. I loved a flower that was born of that ice - the Edleweiss.

The glacier of today is significantly smaller than the one I remember. This shrinkage is not just because I was so much younger then. The shrinkage has to do with the fact that it is warmer now than it was just 27 years ago. Based on pictures I have seen, I cannot imagine the ice being as breathtaking now as it was then. I cannot see the hundreds of skiers coming down the ice to be taken back up again for another run. It seems small.

This is just another piece of evidence in a growing barrel of information all pointing at the same event that has the same cause. This past week, Al Gore and the UN team studying Global Warming won a shared Nobel Peace Prize. It was well deserved. One thing that will bring peace is a shared task - a shared responsibility to sustain the space ship we hurtle through the sky on daily. As soon as we as a race realize that this is the ONLY home we will ever know, the sooner we will do what we can to keep it at a standard we desire. For me - that means acknowledging that we are not perfect. Sometimes we keep a messy room. But we need to find a way to use and reuse what we have so we have a home we can give to our children. One day it will be easier, it has to be.

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