Monday, October 22, 2007

It Just Figures...

Three years ago when we bought our townhome we weren't necessarily looking for a new place to live. We were actually out helping my parents look at homes thinking they might move out near me. On top of that, we bought it during a situation that would cause most people to avoid making major financial decisions. You see - I was on heavy medication due to surgery I had two days prior to seeing the home.

There are certain things to remember when you go home shopping - one of which is you will most likely never find a home you want on the first day you look. Well, we blew that one out of the water. Another thing - never make major financial decisions when on medication that says "Do not operate heavy machinery."

Don't get me wrong - I love our home. I think it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived. However, the backyard is water (its a pond), it has a lot of stairs and we have an almost 2 year old son. Of course we could just buy a life preserver and have him wear it anytime he is out back, but then he won't know the freedom of playing in a garden or living under trees.

This weekend we went out for a drive to kind of get an idea of the homes that were available in our town and found a new home. We haven't placed a bid or even talked to our loan officer yet, but we found something. This home has everything we have said we want in a home - it just has an exterior package we never would think to look at.

What figures - of course we would find a home right when I am starting back to work and am planning on spending my November writing a novel! Why do we always find what we want at the MOST inconvenient times?

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