Saturday, October 13, 2007

NaNoWriMo part 2

So I have completely gone over the deep end. I have a plot, I have characters in my head but none of them have names, I have ideas of how to interweave the stories of the present with the stories of the past. I have people answering research questionnaires I put together about growing up Jewish in the South. I have what seems to be everything except...


I have no idea what to name this thing, let alone half the members of the cast in the book. Granted some of that will be taken care of when I nail down which years we are talking about. As will when inter-faith couples started becoming a trend and the downturn of bar and bar mitzvahs turning into the upward trend of having them. All of that will fall in...but I need a title.


I'm going crazy and it isn't anywhere near November 1.


Christine said...

Hi to a fellow "Nono-er", I found you on the list for "Blog Action Day" near mine. What's your not yet a novel about? I'm going to try to write a mystery, we will see. I tried it last year and only got 1500 words.
My Blog Action Day blog is about abalone:

Good luck Nov. 1!

Christine said...

"Downturn of the Bar" sounds pretty good for a title... "Downturn of the Bat" maybe not so good. I think the recommendation is to start writing and letting the characters talk, but I'm someone who needs outlines and outcomes. Maybe even a plot! I'm still looking for one. OK, goodnight.

liadona said...

Hi, Christine -

Thanks for the message! You can find my on as Liadona. If you send me an email there I will send you the plot I have so far.

Its a literary fiction, btw.

Checking out your site now!

Good luck November 1!