Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

"May 2008 be much better than 2007."

This statement sums up exactly how I feel about last year and the year to come. Its not that 2007 was bad on a daily basis. Its more that the really big things went somewhat terribly wrong and hopefully next year will improve immensely. Some of the things I am not sorry to see go:

* Idiots driving pick up trucks through intersections without looking to see if there is anyone in it or even if they have a green light. (For those of you who were following that particular strain - my sister is almost fully recovered. She had a surgery to repair her elbow in December and it seems to have taken. We should know more in January or February.)

* Food poisoning.

* IV medications that cause blood clots.

* Blood clot medication that I happen to be sensitive to.

* ER visits - 3 or 4 is quite enough for one family.

* Falling down, a lot!

* Bad joints in any member of my family.

* Job stress.

That was the old, and bad. Here is what I want to see continue in 2008 and only get better:

* My son walking, talking, eating and being a generally happy and healthy boy.

* Continued success to friends and family.

* More good friends coming into my life.

* A wedding! (For two good friends of mine.)

* My health - one step forward and two back, but at least there is movement forward.

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year!

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