Monday, January 7, 2008

Its Been a Bad Few Weeks

I slipped the day before Christmas. It was cold and slick and I was in a hurry and I fell, hard.

That would have been nothing, except that it was the fourth time I slipped in about three weeks. Add that to a little bit of stress and you have a full fledged fibro flare, only this time with real pain.

The difference between "real" pain and "fibro" pain (which is real in its own way, believe me) is that I still function with fibro pain. I can typically still walk, my pulse and blood pressure are normal and, unless it is a really bad flare, I can deal with the poker and molten lead feeling in my leg. The only good news about "real" pain is that they can give me medication for it and the medication will work. The bad news is that "real" pain usually comes with a big dose of fibro pain and, this time, I am having difficulty functioning at my normal level. I can't put a lot of weight on my leg. I had to leave my exercise class today because I couldn't walk around my stroller. I can't lift my son.

Its that last one that kills me. I knew when I had the problems during my pregnancy that there may be a day when I wouldn't be able to lift him or carry him down the stairs, I just thought that I might be able to conquer the pain before then. I never expected to just keep falling.

Why the rant? Well, besides not wanting to be on pain meds on top of everything else I am taking and having more pain than I can really deal with right now, I want to do everything in my power to conquer this stupid disease.

The good news is that fibromyalgia is no longer the disease that makes people look at you cross-eyed wondering what the big word actually means. The FDA has approved a medication for the treatment of the disease and there are great ads that describe the pain to a t. In my opinion, the National Fibromyalgia Association probably has a lot to do with that. These are the guys who say: "No, you aren't crazy. Yes, your pain is real." They even have a great way to show anyone who doesn't understand the pain of fibromyalgia what living with this pain is like. Its called the clothespin challenge. Take a look at their site to see what it is then come back here and make a donation through the badge.

In the meanwhile, please send all your healing thoughts this way. Hopefully my husband (with the really sore neck) and I will stop falling down and start healing!

Thank you very much for your support.

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