Saturday, March 29, 2008

Long time...

OK - so I haven't written in a while. There are legitimate reasons why - unpacking being one of them. Others include - my hands not working properly, really tired and not having much to write about right now.

Well - that last one has changed. I suddenly have something to write about. An observation, really.

Have you noticed that as the consumer confidence numbers shrink and the economic news gets worse that that the levels of customer service in certain stores seems to get better? Maybe its just here. Maybe its just the stores I have gone in recently - but stores that I have in my head are poor on the customer service side seem to be correcting that rather rapidly.

Ritz Camera is an example for me. I have not gone to Ritz for their developing in quite awhile - ever since they told me that all photos needed to be glossy with a border and I didn't get a choice. This week, I found a different Ritz Camera - a new one. This one not only found film for me, they recommended which film, had actual photographers working there and noted that they would take on the challenge of Kodak Gallery developing my pictures versus them. I did admit that I do my own darkroom work using photoshop before I print out any pictures - but is interesting.

We will see.

OH - other new thing. My photos are now being sold on ImageKind! Check out The latest stuff is at the top. You can have anything from a gallery wrap to notecards made from my stuff. Please buy something! :-)

Thank you for reading!

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the floral photos are well done.