Thursday, May 8, 2008

Green Inspiration

This is my backyard. Yep - this is what it looks like when there are leaves on the trees. I can't get over how incredible it is.

A long time ago - at least 20 years - I read a story about Piers Anthony, a bio I think. I was reading his books at the time - the Immortality ones, not Xanth - and was just fascinated by the creativity in his recreation of the different lesser gods. I mean, think about it - who in the world spends his or her time imagining Death as a human stuck in a job? I gobbled all of them as quickly as possible. At the time I thought that I might write fantasy novels. I had actually even started one when I was in seventh grade, a few years prior to reading this bio. In the bio, I read about how Mr. Anthony lived on a tree farm and how the trees were part of his inspiration. Being about 16 I thought that was really cool and decided that at some point in my life I would live on a tree farm. Little did I know that I would do just that - without the farm part.

My house is surrounded by trees. Everywhere I look is green or colorful flowers. My front yard is covered with fairy rings and holes for gnomes. I understand even more now why the trees themselves were Mr. Anthony's inspiration. They are mine as well.

I have a story in my head. Its there and won't let go. One day it may even make it to paper and, hopefully, to print.

Thank goodness for the trees and their green.

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