Thursday, May 22, 2008


There is a line in my son's favorite movie about perspective. Its said in a rather condescending voice "You bring the food and I'll bring the perspective." or something like that. The thing is today, I really need to see things in perspective.

Today is a stress day. First my son decided that nail polish belongs all over my WHITE (and I do mean WHITE) bathroom - fancy tub and everything. This, of course, is exactly one day after he tore the keys off my work computer even though it was closed and out of his reach. Then I find out that the tree I know needs to come down will probably cost about $5000 - getting second opinions there. There are all sorts of different issues and problems today none of them small, but all of them THERE.

During one of my attempts at destressing I ran across an interview with a 26 year old journalist in England. Seems he has been given a death sentence, only they can't tell him when he will die only that he will die sometime in the next two months of two rather nasty forms of leukemia. Perhaps you have heard of him, or read his blog. This illness has been ravaging his body for 18 months now and he has been blogging about it for a bit as well. The blog is called Baldy's Blog and you can reach it through the link with the title of this post.

What made me think of perspective while I read this blog and watched his videos is what he is planning on doing with the last few months of his life. Rather than hide and disappear he is going down with a message. He is fighting to have as many people sign up for the British version of the National Bone Marrow Registry as possible. He is fighting to teach children that donating your marrow is not the horrible experience it used to be and it will save lives.

I know this. I know this because I am on the US version called the National Marrow Donor Program. I have even been tested with the level 2 tests but I have not been a match as of yet. I am on the list because I know more than one person who either was saved or could have been saved by a bone marrow transplant if one had been available to them.

Perspective - lots of little, non-life threatening annoyances vs. one small task you can do to save a life.

If you are not already on the registry, please do me a favor and find out how you can sign up by going to It will not take too long and you may save a life. If just one person signs up, it may help more than one.

My thoughts and prayers are with the young journalist in England - I hope he finds even more happiness in his last days, it sounds as though he has lived a good life and is, at heart, a very good person. May he have courage in his last days with us.

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