Monday, August 4, 2008

Party List

I went to a really small school - we're talking 1132 students when I graduated in 1991 and it hasn't grown much since then.

So...imagine my surprise when I got a call from one of my college friends (my best college friend :-D) telling me that the new Princeton Review rankings came out and even her local newspaper was talking about Randolph-Macon's rankings as a party school. (Princeton Review)

Remember - 1132 students.

We're #8 for Greek Life.
We're #6 for Party School.
We're #4 for Lots of Beer.
We're #2 for Lots of Hard Liquor.

We are the smallest school by at least 10,000 and the only non-state named school of the top 10 on ANY of these lists.

Wow - guess there really is nothing to do in Ashland.

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