Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Woodpecker Control

I understand that woodpeckers drum on wood or metal to both get food and to let the female of the species know they are alive and ready for love. I get that - really I do. But when you live in a wood house IT IS ANNOYING!

In come the cats. These guys can find the room the woodpecker is attempting to drill into so quickly. The first few taps and they are in that room pacing back and forth under the exact spot doing trying to figure out exactly how to jump through paint, plaster, wood and nails to get at the little bugger without creating a catsized hole that will tick me off and also without landing outside. I essentially have 2 scaredy cats when it comes to the outdoors.

The joy of my new home is that it also has lots of windows - windows that open usually right near the silly woodpecker is tapping out his territory. They are determined little buggers, but if you talk with them sternly they usually fly away to the nearest tree and start pecking there.

I think this little ritual is the one thing that has truly sealed it for me, not the merry squirrels, not the chipmunks, not even the wild moths. These little guys have told me you really do live in the woods - the real woods, maybe a little tamed, but real none the less. It may be a street with 14 houses on it, but it is the woods.

So bring on these little buggers and as long as they shoo when I ask them nicely to not put holes in my house we will get along just fine.

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