Tuesday, September 9, 2008

1st Poem

I wrote a poem yesterday - actually I wrote 2, but only one is in an acceptable form. The thing here is that I haven't written a poem in years...more than 10 of them. I started with poems. I have a book of poems I am considering publishing through a self publishing thing. I am pretty good with poetry - so why the blank?

I have NO idea.

Regardless - here is the first poem in a long, long while. Hopefully it is halfway decent. If you want to see more of my older stuff, just let me know.

first Fall

fall has come.
not the fall of yellowed woods
pumpkin patches and red noses.
but the fall of new pencils, books, paper
and leaves of green suddenly underfoot,
the Fall of introspection.
the Fall of renewal.
Fall has come, and with it
a lightened heart.

- L. Samuels

(I seem to want to sign my writing with my maiden name...is that a bad thing?)

more later.
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