Friday, September 19, 2008

Coming out of the Political Closet

OK - I have finally had enough. I am off duty and I pay for my own internet access so I am not violating the Hatch Act which was always my biggest concern and is the main reason I have not published anything regarding the campaigns.

Today that changes. I am 38 years old (at least until December) and I will not sit silently any more. I am a Democrat and as of this year I am an active one.

I cannot sit by and watch my son's future be destroyed piece by piece and not try to change it. Honestly - the tipping point for me is the economy and what has happened over the course of the past eight years. Because of this, I have created a new blog on the site. The title above goes to my first post.

While I am out of the closet as a Democrat, I acknowledge that there are a number of people out there - some of whom are my friends - who do not agree with the platform of this party. That is your right - that is what makes this country great. To those of you reading this who fall into this category, I hope you will not find what I say in my political blog personally offensive - it will never be intended that way.

For those of you who read this blog - I do not intend to make this blog political. This is most probably the most political post that will be put up here. Instead, I will put a link to my political blog on the sidebar and you can follow that way if you wish.

Just remember this - come November if you do not vote you cannot complain for the next four years. Become educated, decide for yourself how you want your voice to be heard and cast your vote.

Above all - vote.

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