Monday, September 15, 2008

My husband, my hero

There is a HUGE bee in our bedroom. It is actually the largest one I have ever seen, and I am not sure it is a bee as it is constructed more like a yellow jacket.

Other than the stinging this bee/yellow jacket/insect of death might bring it would potentially not be a problem except...

I am allergic to yellow jackets and have not gotten a new epi-pen in a few years.

Yeah - I know I went to a college with a mascot that looks amazingly like this insect that can kill me. Perhaps I chose it because I thought what can kill me might also make me stronger.

Nope - went there because they accepted me and it wasn't a school with 20,000 incoming freshmen. (Sorry Hokies!)

So, my husband, wakened by my screaming "There's a bee in here!" has now closed me out of the bedroom and is actively searching for the insect of death to kill it before it has a chance to try to kill me.

As for the hugeness - he says its huge too and is currently ripping apart our bed to try to find it.

He is my hero.

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