Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OK - I know I said I wouldn't get political but...

Here's the thing - while I was pregnant I spent 6 months on a sofa. That's months with an "M" and 4 weeks a piece. During that time I got to see the ENTIRETY of "The West Wing" several times. I got to enjoy it so much during its reruns on Bravo that my husband started buying me the DVDs. We have all 7 seasons - even the not so great seasons.

During that time, I guess my son learned to love the sound of the voices on the show especially Josh Lyman, Donna Moss and Jed Barlett. The little guy loves the shows so much that he now, on occasion, requests certain seasons and sometimes even specific shows. The boy is 2. (Yeah - you would think he would be requesting Barney or Dora...nope, its "West Wing.") So, when I see that a particular creator of this favored show has created a script for a meeting between my favorite President and the man I desperately hope wins, I just have to read it.

For those of you wondering - it was in The New York Times on the 21st. Here's the full URL -

Mr. Sorkin - thank you for writing this. Ms Dowd - thank you for finally asking him to.

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