Monday, September 29, 2008

Rosh Hashana Lesson

Tonight is the first night of the new year according to the Hebrew calendar. All over the world, Jews are heeding the call of the Shofar in a way they do not at any other time of year. This is our time of reflection, introspection, meditation. We get ten full days of it. Over the next ten days I will try to include a story or thought that focuses on what I am being thoughtful about that particular day. You may have to forgive a day or two as I will be attending a friend's wedding (obviously not Jewish) and may not have a chance to write.

Today's story is not a mishna or a midrash. It is a story I found online today for a second time - a story of pure Tzedakah. The first time I found it I was in a particularly low space when it came to relationships. The story is of a cab driver who, as Rabbi Nueshenchuck (and I know I spelled that wrong) had learned the lesson of why we have two ears and one mouth and his last fare of the night.

The story would not be so poignant if I didn't have grandparents who lived so far away, or even great aunt, aunts and parents. Just having that support system makes you feel less loney - but they don't take away the cold loneliness of knowing you are to die - perhaps your greatest performance to the end of a well lived life.

A cab, a cab driver, a suitcase and a woman on her way to the last place she will ever draw breath. Believe me - the cabbie is a mench. If I could be a mench such as he at some time I may have found a new call.

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