Saturday, October 11, 2008

If we can't be nice, can we at least be non-threatening?

My parents are taking a cross country jaunt from DC to Albuquerque and back over the next month in part because my father's 50th High School reunion is tomorrow, in part to see my sister and in part to take an Elder Hostel class in Albuquerque. This statement above tells you several things about my parents:

1) They are lucky enough to retire and to be slightly unconcerned about what's going on right now on a personal level.

2) They like LONG hours in a car.

3) They like seeing their kids occassionally.

4) They are from the DC area so the odds of them being liberal - pretty high.

So imagine their surprise when they ran across a "Waterboard Obama" bumber sticker on a car somewhere in Tennessee.

I'm sorry - isn't waterboarding a form of torture?

Since when did torture threats against politicians become this country's modus operendai? Don't we tend to look down on countries who threaten or even harm their political upstarts? I mean, COME ON!

Folks - this is an election. That means WE get to choose. For those of you out there advocating name calling, torture or worse for these brave men and women who stand up asking to become accountable for our country and how we are perceived in this world - you need to get a grip!

It is one thing to discuss things on an intellectual manner, it is one thing to say that you don't want to welcome supporters of your favored politician's opponent at your parking lot (yep - in North Carolina), it is one thing to wear shirts that declare who you are voting for why. It is a completely DIFFERENT thing to do the following:

1) Advocate torture of the opponent
2) Suggest that the opponent is a terrorist/is old as dirt/is a pig/is treasonist
3) To yell those epithets and worse at any political rally
4) If you are a politician-TO LET YOUR SUPPORTERS GET AWAY WITH THAT WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING AT THE RALLY (Yes, Ms. Palin, I am talking to you and others like you on both sides.)

I understand that under stress we truly see each other for whom we are as we let go of the masks we hide behind. However - we are taking a dangerous step over the line and setting ourselves up for a harder recovery when we get mean.

If for no other reason than we need to make sure we don't cross a boundary we cannot undo (i.e. - the 1960s and 40 years of continuous healing since) please EVERYONE TAKE A BREATH.

Nothing is worth advocating torture.

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