Thursday, October 9, 2008

Single Issue Politics

For as long as I can remember, Presidential elections focused on one issue and one issue alone. You can call it "Abortion" or you can call it "A Woman's Right To Choose" - either way it was the final question most people asked before they pushed the button to vote for a President.

The problem is - our vast, diverse country is far more complicated than demanding the government put its nose where it doesn't belong. Until now, most people didn't truly realize that and a number of people were sent to Washington to protect a right or to bat it down without focusing on the more important issues of secure economics, unending war, bottomless spending and human rights in our own country.

For those of you who are are finally realizing that this is not a one issue race - open your mind, ask the questions. Am I voting for a person I believe can help me live a better life? Am I voting for a person who I feel can help my country work with other countries for a better world? Am I truly electing someone who represents where I want our country to be in 2 years, 3years or 4 years?

Then push the button for the team you feel best answers those questions for you.

I know who I am voting for. I have asked myself those questions and answered them through research and thought. I feel confident that all of my choices - President, Vice President, Senator, etc. - answer the questions I have posed for myself and will lead our country to become the best that we can in the next four years. I hope you feel the same on election day as you vote for your choice regardless of who it is.

If you don't vote, you voluntarily lose your voice. Don't silence yourself for any reason.

Whomever you vote for - on November 4th just vote.

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