Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This may come as som surprise for some of you...or not

For the past 20 or so years - probably even longer - I have had to play a very specific role. The role of the person who has their head screwed on correctly, the person who doesn't need any help, the person who is so self reliant she can help others even as she is doing it all for herself as well. I am sure there are others of you out there who recognize this particular character. In your personal plays they may be named Carolyn, Alice, Bob, Jerry, Jim, Eric, Nancy or some other name given to you by your parents. Regardless this tends to be a role we all play - at least in Northern Virginia.

Thing is - its a lie. Its a damned lie, a cursed lie, an evil lie. (Thank you, Sir Shakespeare). People need help, we just may not ask for it. This was an interesting conversation I had with my therapist today. Yes, I have a therapist. I have a chronic illness and I sometimes need more support than I feel comfortable asking for so I pay for it instead.

This led to a conversation on how I handle anger, which lead to one on how we as culture handle anger and whether or not taking away the past practices of teaching a son to box or a woman to write, create and throw things actually helped us or hurt us as a culture.

Then I came home and noticed something. I noticed that we are trying to find every means possible to manage anger and have been coming up short. Vitriol runs off the tongue during any discussion of current events these days. A subject with many sides and no solutions just yet. For the most part, Blogging has become a way of dealing with anger and frustration.

So - today's question: How are you working to manage your anger? Do you use blogs to discuss items you would never discuss with people directely?

Let me know your answers!

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