Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Yearly Obsession

Believe it or not, I am obsessed with taxes. Specifically - I am obsessed with making sure the tax returns are completed well before April 15th and, if possible, the refund or payment is in the mail sometime in late March if possible.

Why am I this obsessed? I mean, come on, it's everyone's most despised task of the year. It's listed somewhere on everyone's list of things to avoid if at all possible. So, why do I insist on making sure our taxes are completed so early?

It isn't because I am a glutton for punishment, I assure you. Rather I had a REALLY bad experience right after I left AOL. After I had been summarily dismissed along with 300 of my close lay-off friends, I did what most of my colleagues and I had to do - I sold my AOL stock. Unfortunately, there was a small screw up (read that colossal accounting and payroll error) and when I did my taxes it came up showing that I OWED about $22,000 (yep, twenty-two THOUSAND dollars) in back taxes.


Thank goodness for accountants who know something! I went to my parents' accountant (they paid - I was still unemployed) and found out that I didn't owe any money. Instead I got an $8K refund.


This experience is why I make sure we do taxes early. So if there is an issue I can get to an accountant for backup and make sure I did it right.

Onto my yearly obsession. Wish me luck!

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Carolyn...Online said...

Man. I wish I had a touch of that. But it's not just taxes, I pretty much procrastinate on everything.