Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back in the saddle again - even if I am a bit tilted...

About five years ago a friend of mine invited me to come to a party at her house and learn more about scrapbooking from a Creative Memories consultant. I went, but because I wanted to see my friend, not because I wanted to get into scrapbooking - a hobby I thought was reserved for stay-at-home moms with kids in school. There was also some faith aspects that kind of put me out of the running to be a serious scrapbooker - at least in my own mind.

Boy was I wrong.

Five years, $1000's of dollars, and a very understanding husband later I am a bona fide scrapbooker. I laugh at the person who was so dead set against learning this wonderfully artistic craft. Oh - and I went further than just the scrapbooks, so I would say I am a paper crafter. I have completed 3 full albums, created a gift album (where the giftee will just have to put in pictures and journal), started 2 others and have plans for at least 3 more that I want to start this year. I subscribe to two scrapbooking magazines (Scrapbooks, etc. and Simple Scrapbooks which is becoming Creating Keepsakes in June) and I occasionally put my work on display on a site called Two Peas In A Bucket. (Pictures of the 8 completed pages from today will be scanned for Two Peas tomorrow. The link above goes to the pages I have already uploaded to the site.)

Yeah, I'm a bit obsessed. But here is what my obsession got me today, besides sore and exhausted.

I got to focus for one day on something other than the fact that I seem to have lost most of the hearing in my right ear and about half of the hearing in my left.

I got to forget that I can't stand up without feeling like I am tilting.

I got to pretend that we aren't starting speech therapy for TLG in two weeks, that we might have to find him a new preschool and that there is a chance that he has a hearing loss or a cognitive issue that is causing speech delay.

I got to pretend all was normal and for a few hours today I got to go back to Greece and remake it in the images from my camera mixed with papers from all over the world, paper punches and paint.

I was told I make some of the most unique pages the people at the crop had seen.

I got to remeet someone I knew from the Avon Breast Cancer 3Day Washington, DC 2000 - I was her training walk leader

And finally - I FINALLY got to spend some good quality time with a friend of mine who I haven't gotten to see since the fall started. Our goal - to spend more time together this year with our kid and without them, but with our albums.

Yet one more amazing day this week. Even though things are still, well let's face it - in the crapper for almost everyone for one reason or another, this week felt lighter, especially towards the end.

I can worry about the audiologist for Sammy and the ENT for me next week.

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