Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bring on the hearing tests...

Today was ENT day and TLG took it like a champ - for the most part. Let me start at the beginning.

If you've been following this blog or Facebook you know that TLG has had a horrendous cold for the past few weeks, that turned into an awful cough that resulted in some rather frank nastiness Sunday and then again last night. (I know that most of you have kids - but some of you may be reading around a meal time. I try to be considerate.) What you don't know, since I have become obsessed with my son's ears/hearing/speaking since last week is that I have been stuck in my bedroom for almost a week and a half straight with conference calls. There were even 8 hours worth of calls one day last week! Then when the calls are over - dad's home and mom is a limp noodle. So, when he discovered that this outing was for some guaranteed one-on-one mom time he was all over it. The jacket was on fast, the bag filled with Tryke and trains was grabbed. We even took mama's jacket down, dragged it down the stairs and thrust it in her hands. Mama time - OH MY! Poor Sydney was promptly shoved back towards the house - not that she minded having some time off, just the method of delivery was rude. But, we'll work on that later.

We got in the car and started driving. Within about 2 seconds of my getting onto the Toll Road towards Rte 7 I hear this really, really loud "XRYNXKZ" from the back seat. Yep - I'm boring, but a safe driver it seems. He slept soundly the entire 45 minutes it took for us to arrive at the office. I then did something I typically don't do. We were about 45 minutes early for the appointment, so I let him continue to sleep in the car with the heat running. Anyone in the DC area notice how cold it was today? YIKES!

He woke up naturally about three to five minutes after we got there so I proceeded to juggle us up the stairs to the fifth floor. (OK - floors 1-5 were in an elevator. But we had to walk up stairs to get to the elevator.) TLG was great in the tiny, ancient, next to the Lord & Taylor's turned Sears in Seven Corners medical building elevator and ran towards the office. While I checked us in, he proceeded to play with all the toys and come running to show me specific ones.

There were three toys in particular he decided to play with while we were there - a mailbox (how does he know that's how mama gets paid?), a play kitchen (Sous Chef anyone?) and a pair of children sunglasses that look an awful lot like mama's new glasses - flowers on the ear pieces and everything. (Yes - I have gone back to my roots of a child born in the 60s - don't care if it was the last two weeks.) While we were waiting he was awake, alert, talking to me in TLG-speak and playing to beat the band.

Then we were called back. Not a bad thing. The office was actually running early so we went back about 15 minutes prior to our appointment time.

TLG was still very curious right up until the Doctor joined us at which point he decided to climb onto my lap and hide as best he could. Yes, it was now that he decided that sound would not come out of his mouth.

So here is the final upshot of specialist visit #1 - There is no fluid in TLG's ears at this time.

I am to set up a more comprehensive hearing test (2 audiologists) for TLG for as soon as I can get in.

Other than that, we just wait for results, keep using the tips we are getting from everyone about talking to him, work with LANK, call the speech pathologist recommended by my cousin and most of all

TRY not to stress out.

On another, humorous note. As we drove to the office in Falls Church from Reston we saw the most ironic/understated sign I have ever seen. This one was in the 7 Corners area and flashed between the two parts of the message (no particular order):

January 20 Take Transit
Major Event in DC

Hey - yah gotta find some humor in all this, right?

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