Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Helpful Little Boy

So, parents of kids out there, please tell me how long until TLG starts balking at chores rather than trying to make Mommy & Daddy do them?

Yeah, that's right. This is a kid who likes to do laundry. He also likes working in the yard, cleaning the garage and making the bed. The only thing he doesn't like is cleaning up. We have pictures of him (see above) that show an earnest little boy pulling the laundry basket from our bedroom to the laundry room and then placing the laundry into the washing machine.

The thing is - he does it every time we do the laundry, not just to make sure Santa leaves something when he visits. And now he is also helping vacuum the floor, put the trash away, put his toothpaste away, make the bed, etc. AND - he's making us do the chores when we think we can wait another day.

When I see this, and watch his willingness and joy in the work I think two things. The first is how can the Health Department tell me that this little boy is developmentally delayed when he not only knows how to do these chores he laughs as he does. The second thought?

How much longer before he tells me to stuff it?

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