Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hope Abounds

So much has happened this week - most of it good - that I truly have no idea what to write about. I could tell you about the issues with my ear still being clogged, or that neither the National Portrait Gallery nor the Museum of Women in the Arts has any idea what I should do with the collection of paintings by my grandmother's cousin, Vita Solomon. I could tell you about the 2 inches of snow we got this week or the funeral we went to at Arlington National Cemetery for a Major General. Then again, there were the fun and funny things Sammy did - those can always fill a page.

However, I think the most significant thing that has happened this wee of significant happenings occurred today. Today my best friend met her father for the first time.

This is not my story to tell, so I won't go into too much detail, but I will say this - the fact that her father was not in her life until now had more to do with the times and how her mother chose to handle a child born in questionable circumstances than with any choice her biological father may have had. In fact, he did not know she existed and was his child until last week. Today he called her, a surprise to her. Then later she spoke with him by video chat.

Needless to say, it was probably one of the most monumental things to ever happen in her life. I am beyond happy for her.

She has the opportunity to get to know her father and her half siblings. She has the opportunity to get to know someone who wants to get to know her and is related to her. Today she got to feel the love of a father who has pride in his daughter, something she had never felt until today. She gets to learn about her family and where she is from.

I have been on this ride with her for about 11 years - as long as I have known her. We came close a couple of times to finding him, but never quite there. I know now that when we were searching it wasn't the right time. It is now, or at least as right as it will ever be.

I am a wordsmith and I am without words for my emotions about this monumental experience I am having vicariously through her. She is the sister of my heart and has been having a tough time over the past few years (except the wedding - that wasn't tough). I can hear her joy through the phone. It is absolutely amazing. I am thrilled for her.

She has a dad.

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Anonymous said...

Li, I went through a similar thing a few years back. i was adopted as a baby and met my birth mother when I was 28. Was a great experience and am so glad to have found her and have her as a friend in my life. Was not as fortunate to find my birthfather - learned a few years back that he has passed away. His wife knew of my existance and did everything in her power to keep me from reaching him though I did speak with him once on the phone. I have 4 half-siblings who have no interest in meeting me and do not believe I am who I say I am - so be it. One thing I learned is that being adopted, society conditions us to feel like we have a hole in our heart - something missing. And I felt that way until I met my birth mother. The best thing about meeting her was that I realized I had been completely whole all along! :) Congrats to your friend...I hope she finds what she needs with her dad.