Monday, January 12, 2009

The Pediatrician...not the specialist

I think I have finally gotten to the point where I have lost faith in several of the people who work at our Pediatrician's office. Between the lack of bedside manner, the pushing for me not to come in when I am not trained to hear his chest and determine if something other than a cold is going on in there, and the "You're a bad mommy" spiel...yeah, maybe a new practice.

So, obviously, we had a doctor appointment today. This one wasn't scheduled and was entirely due to my son coughing up a lung and the contents of his stomach this weekend. Yeah, not fun. So I call to make an appointment and am told that we can't get an appointment with a doctor because this, well, not bad enough to warrant their time. So when I then said, "Um, ok, thank you." and went to hang up I found out that I could still come in to make sure his lungs and ears were clear, which is what I wanted to do to begin with, at noon, but only with a Nurse Practitioner.

In walks said NP. Don't get me wrong. I know several NPs who are wonderful at their job, are very supportive, have great bedside manners, etc. This woman, if she is one o those, must have been having a really bad day today. First asking why the heck I brought my son in for a cold, she then goes after me regarding his sleeping habits.

TLG falls asleep between 9 & 10-10:30 naturally. We have tried moving his sleep patterns and have basically been laughed at by the Sand Man. So, we have come to this wary compromise. Sand Man visits us in the later evening, but TLG then doesn't pop up at say 4 or 5 AM. Most of the time it works. TLG sleeps until 8 or so in the morning, which will only work until we start kindergarten. It works for us. However, this morning he slept until 6, fell asleep again by 6:15 or so and would not wake up - as in fully dressed in his sleep by the nanny - until we put him on his feet at 11 and not even really awake then. Having had mono in the house this fall, I was a little concerned that something else might be going on so I asked.

The response I received was one chastising me for my son going to be so late. TLG should be in bed no later than 7, according to this woman. And I should vigorously wake him from his naps as he should be up from his name no later than 4 and eat dinner between 4:30 and 5 and his bath should be at 6 and in bed, for goodness sake!

I obviously did not get my point across, since I was concerned that he was sleeping too much.

As we were walking out even my nanny who went with us to make I had enough hands said something about her bedside manner.

So, I think its time for us to find a new one. If you live in or near the Reston area an absolutely adore your Pediatrician, know that they are not a kid farm, know you can see doctors when your kid is sick, etc. please let me know.

Thank you!


Lisa K. said...

Hey that SUCKS. You definitely need to have a ped's office that you TRUST will not chastise you, etc. Your current situation sounds not-so-friendly to me! I will ask Rob's cousin Gwen (who lives in Oak Hill) who she takes her kiddos to. They have three (ages 8, 5, and 3), and used to live in Reston, so I know she'd be a good reference. Will let you know! Hope TLG gets better SOON!

Lynn - aka PinkPolkaDotPoodle said...

Okay... I'll recommend our ped office, even though my favorite doc, the namesake of the practice, now only sees patients in the South Riding office, near his home. Claire has seen Dr. John since he met her in hospital in '98. We like Dr. Alice Mar there, but she's only part time.

Farrell Pediatrics on (I think) Sunset Valley. 703.435.0808

I'm really stunned that anyone wishing to take your money would tell you that you're a bad mother.

Nancy Shields said...

L - I HATED grim Ped visits. So, I moved to a country where it is basically impossible to SEE a pediatrician! Yay!

Anyway, when we were in Reston, we visited Watson-Salisbury in Herndon. Dr. Eng Tow was our favourite, as well as a couple of the NPs. Anyway, they were great a couple of years ago and I still call the advice nurse, Ronnie, from time to time, just to feel secure!