Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sick Leave

Yes, I new posts for a week. You'd think I was on vacation or something.

Unfortunately - it was the "or something" and not a vacation. Unless you call screaming pain, throbbing ears, 102 fevers for a few days and not seeing anything other than the four walls of my own room a vacation. Personally, I do not.

As you read in the last two posts I did indeed have the flu. I also have a complicated ear infection. According to the nurse practitioner in my doctor's office it started because a vesicle got trapped in my ear canal right near my ear drum and stopped things up. This is causing pain in my ear, ringing in my ear, pain in my jaw, etc. Even my teeth hurt.

Antibiotics and pain killers galore seem to have helped a bit - I still have a stopped up ear and pain, but things appear to be moving, I think. A week later, it still hurts.

Now, on top of all of this - Sammy had the double whammy ear infection. He seems to be much better - well, he is at least acting more like himself and isn't screaming in pain any more. He still isn't talking, and I am more and more convinced that there is something going on with his hearing. Of course, you can't go to the audiologist while he still has the ear infection. Knowing from my own there is no way they would be able to tell if he can hear or not while he is still on the antibiotics because he can't tell us if he can hear or not.

Maybe we should have taught him sign language when he was younger. You know, back when I wasn't working and could have spent more time teaching him how to make the signs for things like milk, more, I'm hungry, I want cheese please. Not much I can do now, well maybe I can try to teach him sign but I will have to teach my husband, nanny and manny as well. Oh - and there is the part where I have to refresh the 20 year old memories of which sign means what.

I had hoped to be further down this path by now. We do have the new appointment for the audiologist. It was made while I was in the grips of the 102 fever, but my husband assures me that I put it in my crackberry. Once that's done we can move forward with the speech therapist and the Child Find program and maybe the health services program as well.

Until then...someone pass the pain killers, please. My ear still hurts.


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