Friday, January 9, 2009

Tha un!

For those of you who speak 2 year old, you may recognize that phrase as a very popular one around now. In plain English it means "That one." Sammy has been using it alot recently. Especially when he acts as my fitness trainer on the Wii Fit.

Yep - my two year old decides which exercises I do on a day and which I stay away from. He gets so excited - this is fun for him rather than the torture it is for those of us understand what not being able to do those things can mean. So, I let him have his game - it is usually a good work out for me anyway. :-)

Yesterday mornings "Tha Un" insistence started with some hula hoops, bubble walking and then moved from balance to a little strength back over to balance and the penguin and then aerobic running. Phew! I then moved my little task master onto Yoga where he has mastered Down Ward Facing Dog and acted as a weight as I stretched my back out.

This workout session was incredibly important for both of us. It got us a chance to do something fun together during a week that has been nasty and scary in so many ways. I know that all I can do is wait for the visit with the ENT next week. We'll see. It also got me a new way of communicating with him that is difficult with all the other difficulties in the house.

Update on the guilty sense of self...

TLG's preschool director and teacher called me this week to set up parent teacher conferences (or First ever - think I'll take the camera)and both said that I am diving into the scary end of the pool expertly an with great confidence. That I am catching this early and that TLG will be just fine once we figure out what the problem is.

I was courteous, I said thank you before hanging up and saying - yeah, still all my fault. It is what it is. In this case, my head needs to tell my emotional center to shut the heck up!

Yeah, that'd ne nice. :-)

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