Thursday, January 15, 2009

The two sides of me

So, first let's talk about TLG. I know you are all wanting to hear about how he is doing and I appreciate the support, advice and emails. They have all been helpful.

His cough is still persistent, but he is not pukey anymore - at least right now. Speech is slowly becoming evident but I am still going to make the appointments with the audiologists and the speech therapists. We need to get moving on this so he can continue with his class in preschool.

Other than that, he had an exciting day. Our Manny (the Nanny lives with us, the Manny comes when she has classes) came by for a day of sitting today and got a very excited little boy exhausted through the day. Of course this means he is not going to sleep NOW. :-)

Now for the other side of

I met with an old friend of mine from AOL today and had an amazing experience. She is taking her AOL blessing and moving into a completely new field - energy healing. Before half of you roll your eyes at me, remember I have a disease no on, absolutely no one, can agree on except for one thing - my ELECTRICAL (energy) system is screwed up. Well, when that happens you can go to two types of electricians. One with a knife or one with a feel for how energy moves. I don't like knives.

The experience was wonderful. I walked in feeling as though I was about to fall over and walked out with enough energy to feel strong and face the long drive home. (Its not really long - just longer than I am used to these days.) To top it off, I have the feeling I will be able to sleep tonight. At the very basic level, it felt as though she was helping me through touch, breathing and moving me towards my own meditation. Wow...pretty amazing.

I am going to go back to her next week and will keep you posted. Or, if you would prefer to contact her send me an email and I will get you a link.

Very cool day.

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