Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You mean he can talk?

OK - its Day 2 on our quest to find out why the little guy (TLG or just plain Sammy) doesn't seem to be talking the way a "normal" 2 year 5 month little guy should. If you read yesterday's post you saw that I was somewhat in a panic. I admit it - panic is the first thing that happens when I'm told that my child is cognitively delayed and has a lack of fine motor skills.

I even know that I said that I shouldn't be panicked in yesterday's blog.

Yeah, right. That went out the window when I spoke with his preschool teacher.

TLG goes to a wonderful preschool. I LOVE it. (If you live in the Reston area and have kids you need to check this place out - http://www.lankschool.com ) The teachers are great and very attentive. So, TLG's teacher called me today in response to the note I wrote right after our appointment yesterday morning. I told her that we are starting the process of trying to figure out why Sammy is still babbling rather than speaking clearly and got a response I was not necessarily ready for.

It seems that when we have our very first parent/teacher conference in about 2 weeks she was going to suggest we start the process of trying to figure out why Sammy is not speaking at all.

Yep - my little babble box says NOTHING at preschool. He plays with the other children. He does art - in fact its his favorite part of preschool. He plays with all the toys. He does not sit still for circle time, come when called or talk - at all.


One more piece of the puzzle. Could he be silent because he doesn't want to talk until he can talk clearly? Is it possible that he says nothing because the school is an open environment (think 1960-1970s schools without walls concept) and he is getting confused? Or is it because he can't hear.

I mean, think about it. If you couldn't hear your teacher call you wouldn't come either, right? If you couldn't hear the stories or the songs then circle time would pretty much be boring and suck. Yeah - I wouldn't sit still for that either.

I'm reaching, I know that. I am not a doctor and the audiologist yesterday said his hearing is fine. I don't trust that particular test, but those were the results I was given yesterday. All I know is that he doesn't come even when I call him. I know that he only squeals about the cats when he sees them rather than when he hears them. I know that he is sitting here quietly playing with his trains right now even though I have music blaring off my computer as I write. Absolutely no reaction.

Then again, he might not like Sarah McLachlan. :-)

So, yet one more reason to go to the ENT next Wednesday and have him looked at. We are going with list of all the things we have observed in hand. (Thank you for the starter list from my good friend - you know who you are!)

Of course, none of this stops the little (big) voice inside of me that is sitting there saying "If you weren't so focused on your own health and problems or work you may have caught this earlier."

Yeah, I'm Jewish. Jewish Mother guilt seems to work on the mom just as much as the kids.

We'll get there. And in the meanwhile we will enjoy our funloving, wonderful child who is the silent joy of his preschool class.

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