Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back to almost normal

Just like most people in the United States who had a Super Bowl party, our kitchen became the owners box, also known as the command center. All the action may have been on the sidelines (in front of the TV of course) but the minutia was all being taken care of so once we moved downstairs to our family room we were there for the duration.

It was wonderful. The guys (and it was all guys except Melissa and me) appreciated that food and drink kept appearing. The littlest boys were thrilled that there were cookies involved.

See = what I love about this group of friends is that we are all foodies. (There is actually a name for being a snob about what you put in your mouth - that's cool. :D) So we didn't just have chili dogs - we had chili dogs that were prepared with a garlic water bath and then grilled coated in chili that wouldn't come off and a little extra onions if you needed it. We got corn muffins with corn and jalepenos in each bite. We got mushrooms stuffed with bacon, sauteed onion and cream cheese before being placed in the oven to roast. Yum!!! Yeah - foodie tailgating at it is finest.

All I can say is YUM!!!!

This has truly been a great weekend to forget almost all the issues - I even found a keyboard that will help me rewrte the story. WOOT!

So, this next week is back to reality. At least two doctor visits and one preschool conference along with all the work stuff I have going on as well.

Should be interesting!!

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