Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I survived! And they liked my purse too.

Today was the dreaded first parent teacher conference. I have to say, I had a much easier time of it than my mom some thirty-five years ago. My mom went to her first parent teacher conference thinking that the teacher was about to tell her that her daughter was a monster. Of course, my coming home and telling her that I was a bad girl in school probably lead to that assumption.

The demons I had to face had to do with the speech issues we are trying to diagnose. Wow, I was not looking forward to having the teachers say that this wonderful school might not be the best place for Sammy.

They didn't say it. Instead they said that he loves school! He is one of the first to get to their classroom area, put his coat away and jump into free time. He gets excited about art and knows exactly what to do during snack time and, get this, sits quietly for the snacks. Then there is the fact that he knows how to use scissors to cut paper.

It was a far better conference than I expected. I even understand their concerns of an open school. Until now they were not sure he was understanding what was being said to him. Now they know he does.

As you may know, I am the product of an open school and I want my son to have that experience as well.

So, I am thrilled he is having a great experience. And they liked my purse too, so that was an added bonus since I seldom carry one.

Sure makes me feel better than those damn Eletrolux laundry commercials showing a perfect mother who can work, do laundry and bake cookies all in a matter of seconds. At least I know that is fantasy. :-)

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