Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sisterhood - Glad I did it...

I don't normally talk about my time in my fraternity. (We may be for women only, but we were chartered as a fraternity - I swear it!) Honestly, I don't really rehash the good ole days of college either - except recently when my tiny school keeps popping up on the party school list in which ever format. In my mind I have done so much more in the last 18 years than during than those four years they've become a bit of a blip, except for the friends I made there. And as for my time now - I am so swamped with everything, I just haven't had the time to start a new habit of talking about them. I hope you will forgive my indulgence and read carefully. This is not a sappy sorority love song - at least I hope its not.

Recently, I have been able to meet back up with those friends through the Facebook revolution. (Yeah - even us almost old folks use the thing.) It reminds me of something we had at my school called Fish Tales - a directory of school rules, regulations and new faces. Every new student's photo along with their name was in the back of the book. It really did help build community on campus.

The other thing that helped was, believe it or not, the Greek system. I say believe it or not because the Greek system has gotten such a bad rap recently. Look, I am actually a sane, mostly level headed, successful person - in other words, I am not the stereo type and neither are any of my sister - and I still think that going Greek was probably one of the most important decisions I have made. Because of that decision, I had an in depth, live action lesson on how to be a leader. And today, I am President of the local alumnae club where I live.

Over the summer I attended our biennial convention in San Antonio. I knew NO ONE going down. Well, maybe one or two sisters from my local area, but that was it. I didn't have a roommate until about a week before we left - nothing. The roomie I was lucky enough to get was a girl in the chapter my one of my best friends from college is now the Finance advisor for. This girl and I had a great time. She helped me get reacquainted with my fraternity while I was helping her from the alumnae perspective. We had a wonderful time - she was great about my illness and helped wen I needed it - and promised to keep in touch.

What I didn't expect was to find a Valetine's Day card from her today with a note written specifically to cheer me up because of what I typically write about - Sammy and his speech issues. (I especially loved the line "Chin up and boobs out!" I remember that from whenever things went slightly wrong in college.) The card came the same day the fraternity magazine, cover story specifically about when the fraternity has helped when our sisters are down, and on a day that was really tough for me. That card reminded me of what I learned as I was working towards membership, from bid day through Initiation.

Alpha Gams are strong, independant women who have faith that what is meant to be will be. They are also strong enough and couragous enough to know that if there isn't a resource available for whatever they are going through, their sisters will get their back and maybe help them develop that resource. Believe it or not, as President I have forgotten that I can ask any of my sisters for help and they would gladly help me carry any burdon I may have - regardless of the time of the call. I am sure the other Greek organizations out there were born of similar desires and characteristics, but I don't have first hand knowledge of them, only Alpha Gamma Delta.

I was asked recently if I was going to find a support group for Apraxia to help me deal with the emotional issues that speech issues in young children bring up and I have pretty much decided to hold off on that option for a bit. Partially because I know that my sisters across the globe have all gone through issues of their own - we are a built in support group.

I am blessed to have four families. The one I was born into. The one I married into. The one I found along the way. And the one I signed a pledge card for in spring 1988 not realizing what a vast, amazing organization of which I was pledging to be a member. Regardless of what has been going on in my life, my sisters have always been a backbone that I can lean on.

It was nice to be reminded of that today.

Speech Therapy Session 2 tomorrow - more on Sammy then.

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