Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thas a hat!

So the other day, Sammy and I were running through the house with a hat my sister made for me a year or two ago. The scenario went like this - Sammy would run into a room, I would run in after him and try to put the hat on his head. I made it once or twice, but the hat would always come off quickly. My son is not someone who enjoys things on his head

At one point in our chase, Sammy said something that sounded like "No hat!" I couldn't be sure, of course, because it also came with a lot of squealing, giggling and breathing so I decided to test the theory. I dragged him into our family room - a repurposed bedroom on our living level - and tried what I had done before to elicit the same response in front of my husband. Nothing. I tried to just show it to him. Again nothing. Finally I did what I have been trying not to do since Apraxia kids tend to freeze when being directly asked to talk or say something. I asked "Sammy, what is this?"

"Thas a hat." was the response. Clear as day.

We were floored.

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