Monday, February 9, 2009

This weekend was beautiful and springlike, which is always good in the beginning of February. Makes Phil the groundhog seem like a liar even though I know that it is exactly days like this that make him fear his shadow and condemn us for a long, rough winter.

Phil was far from our minds this weekend, though, and stream restoration was somewhat towards the front. Only somewhat, because to be honest we forgot all about it until we came back from the grocery story wondering what to do next that would take us outside rather than trapped inside the four walls of our home. So we grabbed pails and a shovel, threw on our hiking boots/shoes and went for a march to find something that resembled a plant.

We actually ended up with two, both of which will hopefully survive. There is a stump of a holly sapling that we were able to bring out of the stream area and then Sammy found a purple sapling. We have no idea what it is, but its purple, its pretty and most of all Sammy found it so it too made the trek back to our backyard.

Both plants have been planted, watered and cared for as tenderly as a 2 and a half year old can. He's been great. He even brought home some river rocks from the stream so those could be rescued as well. The only thing I wish we could have saved are stumps like this one. They bring such great character to the woods. Then again, I like taking pictures of derelict buildings and rotted tree trunks so of course I would love a stump.

Speaking of stumps...OK - how does one gracefully segue from stumps in the woods to Valentine celebrations at preschool? Yeah, thought you might not know either.

Sammy's first Valentine's celebration at school was today. You know the kind - the one where it really is the mother who is creating the valentine and the kids are taking them in very excited and wondering if that kid in the front row who they have a crush on will bring the beloved piece of paper that will make everything all better because that means you are not invisible! Yep - that's for the kids. We moms know the secret - that each child is sent home with a full class list and told that valentines for each child would be appropriate. YIKES! At least I only had to make 10. Yes, I said make. I decided to create little valentines rather than buy any. I made lollipops out of foam hearts on lollipop sticks. Other valentines that came home - the requisite piles of sugar and a few other branded cards. It was all very sweet. He made his own bag and each child got the same thing.

So, I lose the stump but I get to regain some childhood innocence. How much longer do I get to make Valentines for the whole class? Will it be at least until he tells me that my hand making them is embarrassing to him?

I hope you enjoy the plant rescue pictures!

T-2 Days until the Speech Therapist...

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